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I highly recommend Lester Atkinson. He was professional and compassionate and provided prompt and efficient service. He was very helpful in providing information and assistance with various government filings which was a great relief to me.

Thank You

Myrna Morash


Dear Lester:

Thank you for the services you provided on the recent death of my husband, promptly and with dignity. My family and I have been very pleased with your help and guidance through this difficult time. You were reassuring and calm and always only a phone call away. We had the time to make our decisions well before your services were needed, but having to do so during COVID-19 times was a challenge. Passing documents from the front steps to the door, and making sure that all our needs were met required efficiency and humour which you handled well. We appreciated the fact that you came to the house to deliver the required legal papers and took the time to explain what each document was for. We would be glad to advise others to contact you to make plans for their funeral, and encourage them not to put off making their arrangements. It is so much easier to have such decisions made before one is faced with the death of a family member.

Yours truly, Jane C and Susan


With the most recent passing/loss of my husband, needless to say, I was devastated, lost and prayed it was only a dream! NOT SO.... reality set in and I was faced with the worst fear of my life....having to say good-bye to my best friend (without a doubt) and not knowing how? I was overwhelmed with emotion and what was involved in doing the same. Enter, Lester Atkinson at Serenity Funeral Home. Words cannot express my gratitude for your compassion, knowledge and capability/professionalism for keeping me "calm throughout the storm" and handling the details involved plus ensuring "I" would be okay! As my better half always said, "Remember to pay it forward".... and that I will do by recommending your services to others in need.

PS...Lester also has a great story to go with why he chose what he does and his passion is evident in his services provided.

Thank you and stay safe.

Cyndi Swales


Lester; We want to thank you and let you know how much we appreciated you assisting us with the arrangements after Dad's passing. At a time when we were so heartbroken the thought of making all the arrangements seemed overwhelming. Lester came to our home and over coffee and biscuits all the information was collected in less than an hour. We also purchased a beautiful oak urn from Lester that we were very pleased with. A few days later Lester comes to our home again to deliver Dad's ashes, all the paperwork we needed and a list of important phone numbers that might be needed. This couldn't have been made any easier. We were more than pleased for how much the total cost was, and the level of service.

God bless you Lester, for your service and compassion


The recent passing of my wife left me feeling lost and unsure what to do next. Serenity Cremations and particularly Lester Atkinson were highly recommended to get me through a very difficult time. Engaging Mr. Atkinson to handle every aspect of my wife’s cremation was one of the best positive decisions we made during a very stressful time. Mr. Atkinson provided all that was expected of him and outdid himself in the support and provided the personal attention that was so helpful. I cannot express the gratitude my family owes for the personal way in which Mr. Atkinson helped us in our hour of need. Serenity Cremations would meet and/or exceed your expectations during this very painful time.

Don Levy


Lester, Thank-you for all your kindness. You made making my difficult decision so much easier. For all you have done it is appreciated.


Fran and Nicole


Lester, Thank you for all your help and kindness during our Dad's passing. It was so comforting to have someone take care of all the necessary details at a very difficult time. We would recommend your services to anyone going through a stressful time of loosing a loved one.

Wilma, Ivy, Ramona, and Gordie


I was very pleased with the services provided to our family during this very difficult time. Lester was compassionate while making funeral arrangements, he let us make decisions but also guided us so as that we would not forget anything of importance. There was no pressure to get arrangements completed and was able to try and think things thoroughly as possible. He made it possible for me to do paper work the following week, which I had time to try to comprehend what happened. He was very pleasant and I would recommend him to anyone needing these services.

Heather Romo


Dear Lester

I can’t thank you enough for your extreme sensitivity, your honesty, your compassion, your kindness and your professionalism when making cremation arrangements with our mother for when the time came that she would go back to her heavenly home. It’s never easy to take the step to make plans for our end of life but having made the arrangements in advance made the process afterwards so much less stressful. And then when that day came, you made sure we had everything we needed and you made yourself available with any questions I had. I have told many people about you and your services. Yes, there are many other funeral services out there, but they don’t have Lester.

With Love and Gratitude.

Juanita Shay


Dear Lester

Thank-you for your kindness and compassion following the death of my husband, George. We were so grateful that you took the time to help us with all the details for his cremation and the paperwork we needed to fill out. Your sensitivity and gentle approach was appreciated, especially when we were still feeling the shock and grief of George’s death. Your ministry to us helped in more ways than we can express with gratitude.

Audrey Boutilier.


Mr. Atkinson

Thank You for the caring and professional services you provided to our family as we prepared for our Mother's funeral. Your business visits to our home made a comfortable setting for us when making difficult decisions during a stressful time. The list of businesses to be contacted during and after the funeral, along with phone numbers, was a very helpful tool. Your gentle, supportive, understanding and patient (thank heaven) personality is greatly appreciated by my Sister and I. We could not have wished for a more compassionate person to be there with us in our hour of need. We are comfortable recommending You and your services to others.





I have known others that Lester helped when someone died, and they were all very pleased with his kind, gentle, professional, caring manner, and so when I needed a funeral director, I knew who to call. Lester helped us to know what to do, and he was very respectful of our choices. He guided us through the process very well and helped us with some of the paperwork afterword. I would highly recommend him.

Reaburn Family.


Thank you for your kind, sincere, and thorough service. You made a stressful situation so much easier with your knowledge and quiet assurance of care. Even though we were in the midst of a global pandemic, you remained professional and sympathetic to our needs. We very much appreciated your guidance.

All the best,

Kelvin Bonvie and Family.


Lester, I would like to thank you for your thoughtfulness and compassion you showed on the passing of my wife. You and your staff were available 24/7 and returned her ashes quickly which also included all certificates and completed CPP applications. The fact that you came to my house and I did not have to leave my home during this stressful time was much appreciated. I have and will recommend your services in the future.

Many thanks.

Warren Noseworthy


Lester. Ray and I want you to know how much we appreciated your assistance at the time of his mom's recent passing. We both found you to be approachable, but in a calm and professional manner. We were particularly grateful for the many tips you passed on about the various details we need to take care of at this time. It was also comforting to be able to make all the arrangements from our home.

Many thanks.

Bernice and Ray


Lester, I wanted you to know how much our family appreciated your kindness and compassion at this difficult time for us with the passing of my mom. Your professionalism, attention to detail and understanding brought us great comfort and made the experience stress free. You provide amazing service above and beyond and highly recommend you.

Thank you,

Cathy Sutherland


Dear Lester, I was very please with the personal service you provided to me and my family in regards to my wife Erma Mumford’s funeral. I would highly recommend your services to friends and family.

Best Regards,

Keith Mumford


Lester, thank you for everything you have done for my family after my fathers passing, especially for my mom. You went above and beyond to lessen the burden on her by coming out to the house and taking care of everything. Everything was perfect and very much appreciated!

We will continue to use you and Serenity in the future.

Again Thank you for everything

Rosemary Brewer


The services provided to me were absolutely excellent at a very difficult time. I felt so comfortable in your capable hands. All aspects of your customer package were completed in a very quiet, calm effective manner which made me feel comfortable. All the data you provided including the appropiate telephone numbers was so helpful and saved a lot of time to complete the necessary functions. I thank you so much Lester, it was a pleasure to work with you.




Just a note of appreciation for the services provided to me and my family during the death of my husband. Your compassion, sincerity and excellent services. All matters handled with expert experience.


Barbara Miller and family


I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for the services provided by Serenity Cremations during the death of my husband. I found Lester Atkinson to be prompt and helpful in every way.

Helen Chapman


With the passing of my father, Lester was extremely kind, professional, and helpful at a very emotional and vulnerable time for my family. His services were not only the least expensive, but also the most thorough and timely. He did everything he could do to make the process as easy as possible for us. He is a calm and trustworthy presence, and I know my dad would have appreciated being cared for by him.

Thank you from all of us, Lester.



Dear Lester, My family and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for everything you did for us after my husband's sudden death. At such a difficult and emotional time your professionalism and personal approach made the process much easier for us to manage. Your help with the Service Canada paperwork was especially appreciated. I would wholeheartedly recommend your service. Isabelle and family


Isabelle and Judy


After the loss of my Mom this past April, I found it very difficult to try to figure out whom to go with to carry out my Mothers final wishes. After speaking with near all funeral homes and crematory services, I came across Serenity. I spoke to Lester on the phone; his calm demeanor, made me feel a lot better about the whole process. A few days later he came over to our family home and helped us fill out all the forms necessary. He arranged everything from transport of my Mothers body to be cremated and then returned her remains to us, via coming to our home. A few weeks later I had called to ask if it was possible if Lester could separate my Mother, for other members of our family. He gladly came over and did it for us, right in our home. The whole process with Lester and Serenity was a great experience. It took a very hard time in my life and made it easier. Lester's calm demeanor and professionalism; really shows through with how much he loves his job. Thank you Lester and Serenity :)

Jade Macdonald


Serenity Cremations / Lester Atkinson provided our family with just what we needed at a very tough time. Our mother had just passed away and she had always insisted on cremation and no big funeral!

His sincere ways and the complete and thoughtful operation of his services left us feeling 100% satisfied. He covered all the bases, did all the paperwork and was both caring and very professional.

My mom would have been very pleased with the results

The fairly substantial amount of money he saved our family was a unexpected blessing to us and we thank Lester for that. At a time when you sorta need a fair deal and hate to go looking for it, he was there for our family.

Barry Miles


Dear Lester, My family sincerely thanks you for your kindness and professionalism after the passing of our dad. In this difficult time, you made everything as simple and straightforward as possible. This is enormously helpful for families who are experiencing loss. I would definitely recommend your services to others. Thank you once again for your most valuable guidance.



Hello, I would like to thank you for all that you did for my family and me. I greatly appreciate the time an effort you put into making this difficult time a little easier for us. You went above and beyond your work to accommodate us throughout this process. You helped explain things clearly and were very willing to meet us at my daughter's home and the hospital so we didn't have to leave my husband's side. You were very caring and compassionate. I will be very willing to recommend your services to others. Thank you again for your help.



Mr. Atkinson was extremely respectful, knowledgeable, helpful and reasonable at a time when we were our most vulnerable. Comparatively with other services he was not pushy. He came to our home so we were comfortable. He gave us a list to ensure we knew everything we needed to do. His service was the least expensive. Everything he could do to make the process easier for us he did. They took excellent care of my father and insured his wishes were carried out respectfully, timely and without any trouble. I wish nobody would lose a significant member of their family but if they did I would hope and recommend that you chose Mr. Atkinson service for your and your loved ones benefit.

Deepest regards; Sam


Hi Lester, you helped make the initial process of having to deal with Darla’s passing so much easier. I have heard many stories of what some people go through and your assistance reduced the burden considerably. Burden emotionally and financially and what you did to reduce it is hard to explain. Also the help you provided in filling out the forms helped to ensure payments and benefits happened like they should have. I have had many rough days but I appreciated your caring attitude and just the way you carried yourself through out the whole process.



Mr. Lester Atkinson I was very pleased with your services. I have to let you know you were extremely considerate and reasonable, greatly appreciated. You are very easy to talk to at a time of loss, in general a very compassionate man.

Thank-you very much,
Sharri Fougere


I am writing this letter in regards to the upstanding services we received from Lester Atkinson at Serenity when we lost our loved one. Death can be such a hard topic to breach even on the best of days, but as my Husband grew sicker we turned to Lester and his team for support. We called and he came directly to the house and was able to provide us with more than just professional service but with truly quality customer care. He joked with my Husband and brought smiles to all our faces during such a hard time and when the day came he was there in an instant. Everything down to the smallest detail was provided even a checklist about what to do after the funeral and burial. Losing a loved one is beyond overwhelming but Serenity was with us every step of the way and made it possible. I highly recommend Lester and his team and will forever be grateful for their support. My family and I have recommended Lester and his team to two of our friends who have been so very satisfied with his amazing service.

Eleanor, Jeffrey & Amber Spurrell


My mother passed away very close to Christmas; it was very stressful to say the least. I contacted Lester and from start he took care of everything, he had all the forms and answers to all my questions. He came to my house and told me everything I had to do and at a reasonable cost so I could grieve my mother. I don't think I would find better service.

Frank Parsons


Hi Lester,
Words cannot express our sincere thanks to you in assisting our family with the funeral arrangements for our father, husband. We could not have planned it without your expertise, advice, and compassion. You helped us with all the little details and extras that we would not have thought about as well as the significant cost savings. We appreciate your coming to our home and guiding us through the planning, paperwork, etc. 

We are proud to tell our friends and people that we know, how caring and compassionate you have been throughout the process. We truly appreciated everything that you have done for us, to have made a difficult time easier. 

The Connell Family


In November of 2016, my dear husband passed away. Someone, whom I have great respect for, suggested that I use Lester Atkinson's services. Lester met me, at my home, and helped me with the planning for the cremation, and the service at my church. He was totally professional, kind, and thorough. Lester took care of everything including CPP survivor's and death benefits. At a time when it is difficult to think of all one must do, Lester was there to help. 

Cristine Smith


Hi Lester,
Unfortunately, we met you at a  difficult time in our lives. You provided such an important and necessary service while being one of the kindest, most genuine and sincere people I have met. Your guidance took much of the worry out of many items we were not sure about. Top ratings for you all the way!!
We will recommend you to anyone!

Thanks again for all you did,
Pam Hamilton  


We used Lester's services when dad passed away. Very supportive with the emotions of the family through this difficult time. Lester was very professional and when making the arrangements, he was very understanding and accommodating to our wishes. Would highly recommend.

Annie Walters


Dear Mr. Atkinson,
I am quite happy to write to you regarding your services.  You certainly made everything easier for myself and my family concerning all the details and paperwork that was involved when my husband passed away.  You took the time to walk us through the process and you were also available by phone if we needed more information.  Your patience and kindness was extremely helpful and we thank-you for that.

Edie Kerr


The services were provided graciously, the process was made as painless as possible and any paperwork requirements were clearly laid out.  We received the remains in time for the Memorial. We were satisfied with the services, and are grateful to Lester Atkinson for helping us in that most difficult time."

With thanks,
Mrs. Tracy Rounds


After my husband's unexpected death, we found the services of Lester Atkinson and Serenity to be very caring, respectful, and compassionate. We would definitely recommend Serenity (and already have!) to anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one and feeling overwhelmed by funeral and cremation arrangements.

Ruth Burton